Let 'Em Burn (Single Version)


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The terror
The cost
Abandonment of all I love
My scars made the man you see
My scars are a part of me
So why the killing
Why the dying
The children burn their mothers crying
A part of life where no one grows old
The tale of the damned their story is untold

As they cry
The vultures already begun to feed
A plague of propaganda nests in everything we read
The seeds are planted
And lies are thick with every turn
Escape the ignorance and
Let the mother fuckers burn

Let em burn let em burn
The fight has already begun
We've come to far and bled too much to turn around and run
Let em burn let em burn
It's time to make a change
The men we were and lives we had will never be the same
Let em burn

What was the price
Was it worth their freedom?
Did you promise safety for allegiance
Hear them scream
Hear them suffer
Pick the corpses clean
While people turn on one another

Hear us
The battles already begun and now you
Fear us
No longer cattle stood as one so don't come
Near us
The hearts of all begin to pound
Liars cheats and miscreants they fear our fucking sound
Burn it to the ground, burn it to the ground


released September 9, 2015
Written/Recorded/Mixed and Mastered by Skreamer



all rights reserved



The London metal stars are back with a new line-up and a crushing new album on the way. In the past year, Skreamer have smashed through all adversity and obstacles to prove their place amongst Europe’s finest.

“…Modern metal that’s seen them sell out venues at an impressive rate and carve a claim as the brightest prospect in the UK”. - Metal Hammer
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