King Of Crows


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released September 12, 2016



all rights reserved



The London metal stars are back with a new line-up and a crushing new album on the way. In the past year, Skreamer have smashed through all adversity and obstacles to prove their place amongst Europe’s finest.

“…Modern metal that’s seen them sell out venues at an impressive rate and carve a claim as the brightest prospect in the UK”. - Metal Hammer
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Track Name: My Darkness
Memories of a place,
enemies i have faced, laced with hate.
Chase away what I create that congregates inside my deepest fears.
Shhhhh, be quiet the
secret’s near.
A force of habit, contorts, distorts so you can grab it, like drugs to an addict, you’re chasing that rabbit, you’ve had it.
No time for sabbatical poison, Sporadic violence, radical noise.
The choices you’ve made are forever to stay, coz the game that you play, doesn’t just go away.
Now you’re gone, but your ghost is enough to get close to the power you harness, But never again will i get to the stage where I

It’s never the same. What have you done to me. Can i get a little closure? Can you get a little closer?
I thought the mark we shared was
supposed to show the world we cared.
Nothing left to say, it’s over.
Can I get a little closure?

NOW! You’ll never know love, you
HOW! Can you sleep at night? you
These pages I run through for ages keeping dazed in and out of conscious phases.
These pieces are missing this fucking position is having me wishing that i would have listened.
But in and out of self loathing comes a piece of the puzzle that persists to trouble me.
A piece of my heart, the power to harness.
Time to let in the darkness.

In me, in me, I cannot take the sound. Cant take the heat, admit defeat then throw it to the ground..
I know that i’m not special and i never wanted to be but the shit i live is a price to high for you not loving me.
How could you fucking do it? Just cast my life aside?
The hell, you put me through it but it was all down to your pride.
I’ll never be the same and i’ll never love again.
Coz the man that I am now, is not the boy that i was then.
Track Name: Pig Feed
I'm obsessed, life's a mess
Constant aggro
In distress, fuck the rest I'll fight my battles.
Can't stand the pain,
Don't judge me just love me,
Hate staying sane,
Don't touch me get off me!

I thought it wasn't over, I thought we had a chance,
No chance,
No chance,
Man you're fucked if you think there's a chance.

Once again it's my turn to cry,
And I don't fucking understand why,
A little less stress is what I need,
I'll never bow to you and to your greed.

Disaster, everything is cancer,
Run out of time I don't know what the fuck I'm after,
All I hear is laughter.
Get this going quick I'm sick of being trapped in a ditch I wish this shit would just go faster.

I thought it wasn't over, I thought I had a choice.
No choice, no choice,
Man you're fucked if you think there's a choice.
Track Name: The Awakening
A brutal conflict set in motion
Where only dreams survive
You live your days in caution
So greed and filth can thrive
Your neighbours are now strangers
In a place ridden with greed
Cos all this world wants from you
Is to watch you fucking bleed

The catalyst is close to home
Is it really hard to see
That those who build our shackles
Are the same who say "we're free"
And those who will speak freely
So often wind up dead
Open your eyes and see the
Guns pointed at your head
The truth is on the wall
Yes this they can't deny
"Act now!" The people call
Yet still the systems thrives
And soon we'll all have freedom
As they begin to see
That you can't hold the reigns of a country that believes they're free

Cos we're all living a lie
And nobody knows
What we see with our eyes
Is just a ghost we know

Mortars, borders
Sons and daughters
Fall as chaos reigns towards us
But we all know the borders
Just exist to trick and fool us
Races face this constant hatred
Without borders race is wasted
Only with race erased
Can a world of peace sit in its place

Cos we're all living a lie
And nobody knows
What we see with our eyes
Is just a ghost we

Know that this ain't gonna be easy
To walk a righteous path
But if you want to live freely
We must not repeat the past
They'll say we're fucking crazy
And stop us
Yeah they'll try
But I don't let that shit phase me
Cos we'll never fucking die
The prisons over flowing
The wardens start to run
Cos they can't face us knowing
The new age has begun
And soon we'll all live freely
And no more hate be spread
Open your eyes and see the
Guns pointed at your head

Cos we're all living a lie
Track Name: Vacancy
I found myself alone again, innocence
and no more friends.
I left my heart at home again,
now my bones are getting weaker.

Do i live up to the fantasy?
You hear my words, you don’t hear me.
Continue on in apathy,
Still my bones are getting weaker.

I feel I've gone beyond repair,
and no one seems to even care.
In my dreams they stand and stare.
Still these wounds are getting deeper.

Track Name: Let 'em Burn
The terror
The cost
Abandonment of all I love
My scars made the man you see
My scars are a part of me
So why the killing
Why the dying
The children burn their mothers crying
A part of life where no one grows old
The tale of the damned their story is untold

As they cry
The vultures already begun to feed
A plague of propaganda nests in everything we read
The seeds are planted
And lies are thick with every turn
Escape the ignorance and
Let the mother fuckers burn
Let em burn let em burn
The fight has already begun
We've come to far and bled too much to turn around and run
Let em burn let em burn
It's time to make a change
The men we were and lives we had will never be the same , Let em burn.

What was the price
Was it worth their freedom?
Did you promise safety for allegiance
Hear them scream. Hear them suffer
Pick the corpses clean
While people turn on one another

Hear us
The battles already begun and now you
Fear us
No longer cattle stood as one so don't come
Near us
The hearts of all begin to pound
Liars cheats and miscreants they fear our fucking sound
Burn it to the ground, burn it to the ground
Track Name: Welcome To Paradise
The world is unfair, this much is apparent.
But apparently it’s for the best if we work till our deaths for a world so transparent.
A place so bitter and cold.
You have to fight daily for freedom you're owed.
A place where our children may never grow old.
A harbor of hatred for lairs and racists that harbour such hatred on the daily basis.

If this is our future then how can we face this?
How can we keep on going knowing The steps that were taken by past generations are
leaving a future that’s hollow and vacant?
Make no mistake it’s the live we will face while the rest of the country’s obsessed with our race.
Age of equality, age of no poverty, Ain't it strange that change is every politicians policy.
But it bothers me,
how a life has no worth,
The state we’re all in, it’s just gonna get worse.
The few rule the many, man that's just absurd.
If we raise our voices, we’re gonna get heard.

I know there’s a few that see things the way i do, in equal there people who’s words are deceitful and try to pry into your private life just to deny it.


You say freedom of speech but it doesn’t exist,
You can see it’s suppressed on a daily basis.
People oppressed when they try to resist,
people get shot after making a fist.
Turn the clock back when the hour was early, when power stemmed forward from the hands of the clergy.
Study the wars that were fought for religion and study the world that we currently live in.
It’s still the same.
Our current condition maintains vission based on superstition.
Give them more money, don’t question the system and don’t you dare try to use your intuition.

Another number like everyone else,
another product just packaged and shelved.

Work the grind daily and glorified slavery and keep the cogs turning while chasing that wealth.

We can put on a smile, sit there in silence while all that we love descends into violence.
Hold back the tears, block out the sirens and scream when a country starts seeking asylum.

Try to deny it.
Say it’s all changing.
The world’s a lot sweeter if you’re a Caucasian.

The media lie but convenience fits.
The media boils the blood of the brits.
There’s a war on our door and no one remembers the 3.5 million evacs from the blitz.
Bombs in the sky, destroying the nation, Our only escape was within emigration.

So how can we sit, we judge and we blame.
We are but pieces within the same game.

Operation pipe piper, remember the name.
We’re all still dancing but the song ain’t the same.
Track Name: This Is War
Noise, All I hear is noise
Maybe crazy but it's all in focus
Manic acts having panic attacks
Standing poised whilst filth and bullshit chokes us.
Wake up wake up
Could it be I spent the whole time dreaming
Would it kill me if I vent these feelings
Or is this insanity part of my makeup

This is war
And I've got your name
I won't relent till you're broken
This is war
It won't be the same
Cos these fucking words have been spoken
This is war

Talk, All I hear is talk.
Maybe crazy but I know I'm fuming
Frantic rage feeling anger for days
But this life I live is all consuming
Break down break down
You scared of how I sound?
You clown I ain't playing around.

Now you're bitter cos the truth hurts
Pain is sicker when you're useless
Playing with me is insanity

This is war
And I've got your name
I won't relent till you're broken
This is war
It won't be the same
Cos these fucking words have been spoken
This is war

I ain't helping you
I ain't saving you
I cannot take one more day

This is war
And I've got your name
I won't relent till you're broken
This is war
It won't be the same
Cos these fucking words have been spoken

Track Name: King Of Crows
If I could pull apart the thesis
The mantra of the elitist
Like the Mona Lisa smile
The secrets cloaked in the genius
Pulling the wool over our eyes
Protect the mass from the fire
Like the shroud of Turin
They used to mask the messiah
In a country of liars who has the most to lose?
Is it the 1% Or those whose rights they abuse?
Place your trust and your life
into the hands of a clown
Why don't you step onto the stage
Just don't look down.

Can you hear the sound?
This king had lost his crown
It's overrated compensate it with a frown
It's going down today
I said my will is my way
Every choice made is to stay
My voice will guide the voiceless.

Illuminate the darkness And elevate the masses
We'll find the truth in this room of rumours
Soon as the swooning turns to ashes .
The realisation of a nation being run by fascists
You picked apart our picket fence
And tried to pull it past us
And if you open your mouth
They'll label you a danger
Have you believe then deceived
By all these crooks and strangers
But we will take it on the chin
Till we take back the crown
We've found the sound to march to now

It's going down today
My will is my way
It's going, it's going, it's going down.

The king of crows has fallen
The king is on his knees
What more will he surrender
For the price of dignity
The king of crows has fallen
The king is on his knees
What more will he surrender
For the price of dignity